Facts on Emirate Flight from Lagos to Dubai Price and Schedule

The emirate airline is an airline owned by the emirate group, which the government of Dubai Investment Corporation owns. The emirate airline flies to many countries worldwide, with the airline boasting of having an outreach of over 50 destinations worldwide.

The emirate airline is one of the safest airlines you can use if you are looking at airlines that travel internationally in Nigeria.

You can use emirate Airlines if you are looking to take a flight from Lagos or Abuja to places such as the US, the UK, Dubai, and a host of other international countries. The emirate airline is the flight for you.

Facts on Emirate Flight from Lagos to Dubai Price and Schedule

If you are looking to book a flight from Lagos to Dubai and have no idea about the price or schedule, this article is for you. Here, we will address facts about Emirates flights, Lagos to Dubai prices, and schedules.

1. Cost of Flight

The cost of a flight from Lagos to Dubai is one fact you should know when it comes to using the emirate airline. The flight cost varies very often, depending on when you make a booking, the days of the week, and the season you make a booking.

The average flight cost for Lagos to Dubai is around #270,000 for peak seasons and #205,000 for off-peak seasons.

The flight cost also varies depending on the days of the week you intend to travel. Weekday flights are known to be slightly cheaper than weekend flights.

2. Schedule of Flight

The schedule of flights is another thing you should know when making a reservation with the emirate airline. Just like the price, the flight schedule from Lagos to Dubai changes from time to time.

They have a daily departure time of 6.30 PM and an arrival time of 5 AM the following day.  However, schedules can change if the need arises. If there is a problem, such as bad weather, your flight might likely be delayed or rescheduled to another date.

3. Baggage

If traveling from Lagos to Dubai on an emirate flight, you should also keep this in mind. There is a limit to the amount of baggage you can carry when boarding a flight.

The amount of baggage you can carry with you varies depending on the class you book. If you book an economy class, you cannot take baggage weighing more than 7kg.  On the other hand, if you book a business class, you can carry baggage weighing around 14kg.

The weight of your baggage is something you should consider when using the emirate flight.

4. Health

You should consider your health if you fly from Lagos to Dubai. There are some documents you will be required to fill out about your health whenever you intend to take a flight.

One important document required is your proof of coved -19 vaccination and a recent covid-19 test.  This document is as important as your visa or flight ticket if you intend to take a flight to Dubai.

Ensure you update your health information, especially your covid-19 test and vaccination details. This will help prevent you from facing challenges such as canceling your flight.

5. Cabin features

The cabin feature is another thing you should know if you book a flight from Lagos to Dubai via an emirate flight. Cabin features vary according to the flight class or package you use.

There are predominantly four classes on Emirates flights: first class, business class, premium economy, and economy class.

With economy class, you will ensure amenities such as luxurious meals, excellent service, comfort, and a large list of entertainment at your disposal. The premium economy offers better leather seats, extended leg rest, onboard wifi, wooden grain tables, and much more.

On the other hand, the business class offers you an onboard lounge, different tasty cuisines,  an array of over 5000 entertainment channels, and much more.

The first class offers you a feel of having your private jet, with features such as a private spa, bar, and lodge. The cabin features for the first class are out of this world.

6. Unbeatable Service

The unbeatable services you enjoy when you book a flight from Lagos to Dubai with an emirate flight are second to none.

With emirate air, you will enjoy unbeatable services such as efficient customer service, tasty cuisines, comfort, and top-notch entertainment channels at your disposal. The unbeatable service cannot be rivaled.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Regarding airlines in Nigeria, different people tend to ask different questions. Are airlines in Nigeria safe? What are their rates? What are the best airlines in Nigeria? You might ask

Below are some frequently asked questions that you might find useful.

What are some travel guidelines for Nigerian travelers going to Dubai?

The travel guidelines for Nigerian travelers going to Dubai vary from airline to airline. The most important ones are

  • Always travel with your passport and visa.
  • Travel with a copy of documentation of proof of the covid-19 vaccination
  • Travel with a recent covid-19 test result. This result should not be more than 3 weeks
  • Stick to the rules of traveling
  • Do not carry excessive baggage

Can I Bring Food On Emirate Flights?

This is another question many tend to consider when making a reservation on Emirates flights.

You can bring food on the flight as long as it conforms to the safety and standard issues of the airline and the country you intend going.

What is Not Allowed On Emirate Flights?

Some things are not allowed due to safety reasons. Hover boards, self-balancing wheels, large batteries, and other potential hazards are not allowed on the flight.


Emirate airline is one of the best airlines you can use if you intend to travel from Lagos to Dubai.

Book a flight today and enjoy its services.

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