Top 9 Best Hotels in Ikeja, Lagos and Prices

best hotels in Ikeja

Ikeja is the capital city of Lagos and is regarded as one of the most popular cities in Lagos. This is not only because it is a capital city in Lagos but also because it is home to many mega-companies, mega investors, politicians, and foreigners. There are some top best hotels in Ikeja and their … Read more

7 Best Cheap Hotels in Abuja, Prices and Their Locations

orient hotel and plaza

Abuja is a megacity and is considered by most as one of the few areas where a lot of development occurs. This city is located in the center of Nigeria and is the state’s capital city. With the presence of different companies, industries, the presidential villa, and even the national stadium, the cost of living … Read more

List of Hotels in Badagry Lagos, Price and Amenities 2022

Lagos is a megacity and it attracts different people from around and beyond the country… Different people come for different purposes ranging from business, tours, and pleasure to catching up with family members or old-time friends. This is why Accommodation should be a pretty important thing to consider if you are looking to come to … Read more

Top 8 Hotels in Victoria Island, Lagos and Their Prices

Victoria Island is a popular city in Lagos which serves as a hub for many investors, politicians, celebrities and different individuals.  It is home to many industries, multinational corporations, and music and art centres. If you take a stroll or drive through this city, you will understand why this city is considered one of the … Read more

The 8 Best Hotels in Lekki, Lagos and Amenities

Lekki is home to a lot of celebrities, investors, and businessmen from within and outside Nigeria. It is regarded as one of the cities that never sleep because activities go on all night and day. Everyone is always busy going about their daily business. You will regard Lekki as one of the business hubs of … Read more

6 of the Best Hotels in Apapa

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Getting an accommodation or lodge in Lagos can always be problematic especially when you don’t know your way around Lagos. Lagos is a state with a lot of cities that never sleep such as Apapa which is why we have listed affordable hotels in Apapa. Apapa is a local government in Lagos. A city among … Read more