Everything To Know About Dana Flight Bookings in Nigeria 2022

Dana air is one of the trusted and popular airlines in Nigeria.  It is a Nigerian airline headquartered in Ikeja Lagos and was founded in 2008.  Dana Air is an airline that has gained recognition both locally and internationally.

You do not need to have any worries if you intend to fly with Dana air. With its comfortable seats, spacious cabins, efficient service, and highly trained personnel, this airline should be your go-to airline if you intend to take a flight.

“How do I take a flight on Dana air? How much are the costs of the tickets? What’s the flight schedule?” you may ask.

All these questions and more are going to be addressed as we proceed. We will be talking about everything Dana air and their flight bookings in Nigeria.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Book a Flight on Dana air

You can use different methods if you would like to book a flight on Dana air. Below are the popular methods at your disposal.

Method 1: Booking online via their official website

This is one way to book your ticket on Dana air. If you are looking for a way to book your ticket without hassle, booking online via their official website is the best.

Take the steps below to book a flight on Dana air.

  • Visit their website @ https://www.flyDanaair.com/.
  • Go to the book a flight section and select either the one-way or round trip.
  • Select your destination and cabin class.
  • Select your departure date and the number of individuals
  • Click search flight
  • Make the necessary payment, and you are good to go.

Method 2: Travel agents

If you don’t want to go through the stress of booking a flight on Dana air online, you can use any travel agent at your disposal.

There are a lot of travel agents who specialize in booking flights and making hotel reservations for their clients. Simply register with one today and contact them to book a flight for you.

Method 3: Customer Support

Contacting customer support is one good way to book a flight on Dana air. With customer support, you will not only be guided on the easiest method to book a flight, but you also be briefed on the flight schedule and other necessary information you might need.

What Are The Dana Airline Destinations?

Dana airline flies across different states and destinations in Nigeria.  It is an airline that operates domestically. Below are the following destinations or routes of Dana airways.

  • Uyo to Lagos and Abuja
  • Kaduna to Lagos and Abuja
  • Port Harcourt to Lagos and Abuja
  • Owerri to Lagos and Abuja
  • Accra to Lagos
  • Lagos to Accra, Owerri, Abuja, Port Harcourt, Kaduna, and Uyo
  • Abuja to Owerri, Lagos, Kaduna, Uyo, and Port Harcourt


Dana airline has two major classes to suit your comfort and budget.  The two major classes are the Economy class and the business class.

The economy class is much cheaper than the business class and offers various amenities and services. With its comfortable seats and efficient service, the economy class for this airline is better than most of its competitors.

For your baggage, Dana airline has a limit of 23kg for economy class.

Business class is the second class available on Dana Airlines. You will enjoy various amenities, services, and much more. The business flight is the perfect choice if you desire luxury for your flight. – The baggage limit for business class is 30kg.

Dana Mile

Dana mile is a reward and loyalty program run by Dana airways.  If you fly with Dana air regularly, then is reward and loyalty program is for you.  All you need to do is register with Dana mile and enjoy unique privileges that aren’t available to regular members.

Registration comes in three levels: the blue, silver, and gold membership. Each level has its unique benefits and privileges.

You can enjoy various privileges such as lounge access, an upgrade to business class from economy class, an exchange of mile tickets for airline tickets, and a lot more.  Simply register today and enjoy the reward and loyalty programs.

How Can I Cancel My Dana Ticket Flight?

You might wonder what will happen to your ticket if you change your mind about traveling on the scheduled date. It’s pretty easy. If your flight schedule is still a couple of days ahead, you can easily log into their website and either cancel your flight or reschedule.

In cases where your flight is delayed or rescheduled by Dana air, the same ticket is what you will use for the rescheduled date. If you missed the scheduled date due to circumstances beyond your control, you could consult their customer care to fix a new date for yourself.

Things You Should Know About Dana Airlines

  • Dana airline commerce flights on November 10, 2008, and has since steadily developed.
  • Dana airline offers private charters for individuals and businesses
  • They also offer one of the lowest and most competitive prices in Nigeria
  • Dana air is one of the best airlines in Nigeria and is mostly known for its efficient service, standard, and good operational values

How much is a flight from Owerri to Lagos?

The price of a flight ticket from Owerri to Lagos varies according to the class and airline you use.

An airline ticket from Owerri to Lagos costs around #50,000 for a direct or one-way trip.

Which airline goes to Akwa Ibom?

The number one airline that should come to your mind if you want to take a flight from Lagos or Abuja to Akwa Ibom is Ibom air. Ibom air is an airline that flies domestically. It was founded in 2019, and it flies to a small number of destinations.


Dana air is one of the best airlines you can use in Nigeria. It has a mobile-friendly app that you can use to book tickets, make payments and also follow flight schedules.

You have nothing to worry about when flying with Dana air. Fly with Dana air today and enjoy a quality service

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