Top 35 Places To Visit In South Africa With Family

places to visit in South Africa with family

Africa is blessed with wonders and cultural marvels, and South Africa is no exception. It is not only a place where vibrant cities meet untamed wilderness but also landscapes where adventure and serenity co-exist in harmony. But here is it: South Africa isn’t just about the outdoors and its Capital. There are other places to … Read more

30 Tourist Attractions in Nigeria and Locations 2023

top tourist attractions in Nigeria

Nigeria has a rich cultural heritage, diverse natural resources, and a fascinating history. There are many tourist attractions in Nigeria spread across different states. These places offer an exceptional blend of adventure, beauty, and culture.  If you want to know more about Nigeria’s tourist attractions, you have come to the right place. This blog post … Read more

Where To Buy Ofada Rice In Lagos? Top 10 Places

Ofada heaven lagos

Ofada rice is the local unpolished Nigeria rice mostly consumed by the Yoruba tribe and grown in the southwestern part of Nigeria and named after Ofada town in Obafemi Owode Local Government in Ogun state, where it was first cultivated. If you are looking for where to buy Ofada rice in Lagos then keep reading. … Read more

Top 9 Mountains In Nigeria and Their Locations In 2023

one of the mountains in Nigeria

Mountains are natural landforms that rise above the ground level with steep sides that show significantly exposed bedrock where you can engage in many activities. The beauty and wonder of nature are expressed through mountains which will be hard for you to recover from when you sight one. Thankfully, Nigeria is blessed with beautiful mountains … Read more