List of 7 Best Hotels in Yaba, Lagos Reviewed

Yaba is seen as one of the most energetic cities in Lagos. This is because it is full of successful and hustling individuals who spend their daily lives trying to make more money and have fun.

It is a relatively safe place to live or do business as there are hardly any insecurity issues in the area. There are also many security personnel on the ground to prevent issues such as crime, robbery, or insecurity.

If you drive around Yaba, you will notice that this city is a residential area with many startup companies and industries.  The city’s trendy restaurants, museums, and lively clubs will also be noticed.

There are a lot of hotels within this city which might be a little problematic if you are new to the city and need the best hotels to lodge. This is why this article is for you.

Let’s begin.

List of 7 Best Hotels in Yaba, Lagos Reviewed

You want to find the perfect accommodations when traveling, even for a short time. Finding the most affordable hotels in Yaba, Lagos, is no different. That’s why we’ve put together this list of the best hotels in Yaba, Lagos, with reasonable prices.

Whether you’re looking for a cheap hotel in Yaba, budget accommodation in Yaba, or a luxury hotel in Yaba, these hotels in Yaba, Lagos, have something for you. If you’re looking for the top 7 hotels in Yaba, Lagos, you’ve come to the right place.

1. Esporta Suites

Esporta suite is a hotel that should be on your mind if you are thinking of the best hotels in Yaba. Esporta Suites is located at 23 Adebisi Street, Adekunle bus stop, behind Panti police station, Yaba.  This 3-star hotel is perfect for your needs.

This hotel offers top-class hospitality, providing the best personal services for your relaxation. You will enjoy various amenities such as a 24 hours front desk, bar, uninterrupted power supply, restaurants, comfortable beds, and much more.

This hotel is also relatively affordable compared to other 4-star hotels in Yaba. Rooms come at different prices to suit your pocket.

2. Lords and Ladies’ Suites

The lords and ladies Suite is a hotel that gives you luxury with affordability. This hotel is the perfect hotel for you if you are looking for a home away from home. With its comfortable beds, fully air-conditioned rooms, and professional customer service, you can’t help but be fully satisfied with everything the hotel offers.

The lords and ladies’ suite is located at Yaba LCDA, 33 Olaboye, Olaleye Street, beside Odusana memorial school, Iwaya, Yaba.  Its location is ideal for you as it has a lot of nearby attractions such as the national stadium, national art theatre, central mosque, Freedom Park, national museum, and many more.

This hotel offers a swimming pool, free parking, breakfast, room service, and a bar. You can get a room for yourself for as low as #17,000.

3. Madiba Apartments

If you are looking for apartment houses that are perfect for you, the Madiba apartments are just what you need. At Madiba apartments, you can enjoy maximum space, comfort, and luxury.

This hotel is located at the Yaba discrete of Lagos, just 3 miles from the national stadium and 4 miles from the national art theatre. It is the ideal apartment for you if you are looking for apartment houses that are close to popular tourist attractions.

If you lodge with Madiba apartments, you will enjoy various amenities such as air-conditioned rooms, flat-screen TVs, free parking spaces, kitchens, and much more. You can get a bedroom apartment for as low as #40,000 per day.

4. Hadmof Inn

Hadmof inn Lagos is located at 21 Moore Road, yaba. It is just 2 kilometers away from Makoko and there. This hotel is the perfect location for you if you intend to tour Lagos, as the hotel is close to a lot of popular restaurants, transit companies, and even the airport. It’s a pretty easy hotel to locate.

This hotel offers various amenities such as free breakfast, free wifi, free parking space, an air-conditioned room, a bar, room service, a restaurant, and a 24 hours front desk.

Rooms in this hotel come at different prices to suit your pocket and desires. You can get a room for as low as #17,000.

5. The Snug Hotel

The snug hotel is a 3-star hotel that suits your every need. This hotel is located at 30 Commercial Avenue, Sabo Yaba, just a 10-minute drive from the University of Lagos and the Yaba College of technology.  This hotel combines luxury with style and design, which will marvel your clients and family members.

The snug hotel offers various amenities such as security, a restaurant, wifi, air-conditioned rooms, 24 hours security, a bar, room service, and much more. The hotel also boasts a 90-room capacity that can accommodate as many guests as possible.

Room prices in this hotel vary from #15,000 to #25,000 per night, which is relatively cheap and affordable.

6. Placido Place

The Placido place is the perfect hotel for your business and leisure.  With the standard-sized swimming pool, exotic bathroom, and well-beautified rooms, this hotel is the ideal hotel that doesn’t put a strain on your pocket.

This hotel is located at 5B Alakija Street, jibowu, yaba. This hotel is ideal if you want peace and comfort with privacy and hospitality.

You will enjoy various amenities such as a restaurant, bar, lounge, security, wifi, event hall, dry cleaning, and much more. Room prices also vary from #10,000 to #20,000 with free cancellation of bookings.

7. King’s Cilia Hotel and Suite

This is another hotel that should come to your mind if you desire to spend some time in one of the best hotels in yaba. King’s cilia hotel and Suites are located at 8 Jibowu Street, Jibowu, yaba.

It is a hotel that is perfect for your recreational needs. There is a standard-sized swimming pool that is perfect for your relaxation. There is also a bar with many quality drinks that would put you in a good mood.

The comfortable beds, conference room, and good customer service are some things you would love about this beautiful hotel. You can get a room in this hotel for as low as #23,000.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

You might have different questions about hotels in yaba, their security, and prices. Here are some frequently asked questions you might find useful.

Are Hotels in Yaba Secure?

Many people consider security when making a reservation with any hotel in Lagos. Yaba is a relatively peaceful place, and the hotel in yaba is very secure.

Which Hotels Offer Good Customer Service In Yaba?

Many hotels in yaba offer good customer service. However, if you are looking for the best, you can try hotels such as the Esporta suite and the Madiba apartments.


Yaba is a relatively cool place to reside. If you are looking for the best hotels in yaba, go through the list above, make a reservation with any of the hotels listed and have a beautiful experience.

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