8 Expensive Estates In Lekki, Amenities and Pictures

Lekki is home to a lot of estates and industries. The city is seen as the country’s economic capital as different people, and multinational corporations come from far and wide to do business and invest in this city. It is no brainer that we expect to see some expensive estates in Lekki.

Besides business, lekki is also home to many tourist attractions. Annually, different cultural and musical festivals attract people from other parts of the country. Because of the high level of industrialization and influx of people, there has been a rise in the number and cost of estates and housing. 

There are a lot of expensive estates in Lekki that give you the best quality housing and luxury. We will provide you with a list of the luxurious estates in lekki and a lot more below.

8 Expensive Estates In Lekki, Amenities, and Pictures

Lekki is home to some of the most expensive estates in the country. These estates have different types of houses and various features. Below is a list of the most expensive estates in Nigeria.

1. Pinnock Beach Estate

Pinnock beach estate

This is one of the best estate in Lekki that should come to your mind if you are looking for the most expensive estate in Lekki. The Pinnock beach estate is top-rated and significant in this city. This estate is located off Femi Okunnu road, ShopRite, and is fully fenced and gated.

Although this estate has not been used to its maximum capacity, as only 40 percent of the estate is developed, it is still among the most expensive estates in Nigeria because of its proximity to various multinational companies and tourist attractions. You do not have to worry about the development as the drainage and road channels are fully developed.

This estate has different types of houses; some rent goes as low as #4,000,000. The houses are much costlier to buy as you must prepare a budget of 200 to 600 million nairas depending on the house. You will have to pay an annual service fee of #450,000. This includes security, management, electricity, and more. This estate has a swimming pool, children’s playground, and waste system. 

2. Crown Estate, Lekki

crown estate lekki

The crown estate is also one of the expensive estates in Lekki you can reside in. This estate, located at the Lekki-Epe expressway, is home to many top politicians, artists, and many more. It is a highly secure estate that has a lot of amenities.

Although this estate is an exclusive residential estate, there are a few companies such as Kraz media, Adbog tracking solutions, and others in this estate. This estate was built in 1943 and covered over 40 hectares of land. This estate has over 800 houses ranging from 3 to 5-bedroom flats.

You will enjoy a lot of sporting and recreational ranging from basketball to tennis courts and a lot more. However, one major downside of this estate is that it depends on EKDC for its electricity supply. While it has a beautiful ambiance, you must know that visitors are not easily allowed in this estate. Visitors must call the homeowners before they are allowed into the estate.

The price for renting a house in this estate ranges between #2,000,000 to #6,000,000. On the other hand, you can buy a house in this estate for 65 to 200 million naira.

3. Chevy View Estate, Chevron Drive

chevy view estate expensive estates in lekki

Another luxury estate you can permanently reside in is the chevy view estate. It has the maximum security and luxury. It is located in lekki.

You must know that this estate is not fully residential, as several businesses exist. There are a lot of houses in this estate. These houses range from 2-bedroom apartments to 6-bedroom apartments. There are duplexes, semi-detached duplexes, and a lot more.

This estate houses a lot of upper-class and high-income people in Lagos. You will have to fork out 2 to 5 million naira if you want to rent a house in this estate. Buying a house is much higher as it costs around 200 to 400 million naira. The prices of houses in this estate keep appreciating annually. The major downside to this estate is the occasional issues with power. 

4. Friends Colony Estate

friends colony estate

This estate, developed by Aircom Nigeria, is one of the most expensive estates in lekki. The developers are pretty popular as they are known to have developed other estates, such as the northern foreshore estate and the Napiers gardens. There are a lot of other estates they have developed as well.

Like other top and expensive estates in lekki, this estate also houses a lot of top politicians and high-income families in lekki. A lot of foreigners also live in this estate. There are no business ventures or companies within the estate as it is strictly residential. 

You can rent a house in this estate for as low as 4 to 5 million naira annually. Houses in this estate cost around 80 to 200 million naira depending on the type of house and number of rooms. You will have to pay a monthly service fee of about #25,000 to cover maintenance and security. You will also have to pay for water supply which could be #10,000 or more depending on your consumption. 

You will enjoy many things in this estate, such as a pool and fitness center, although you will have to register for a gym membership. You will also enjoy 24 hours security and a good internet connection.

5. Amen Estate

friends colony estate

Amen estate is a highly appreciating estate you can reside in Lagos. This estate, which is home to many celebrities and top-income earners in Lagos, has a lot of amenities and facilities. The street and road structure is appropriately laid out with a good drainage system.

This estate is located in the city of lekki and offers a lot of things, such as a smart home design, beautiful scenery, 24 hours security, and electricity. You will also enjoy daily maintenance, road network, and waste management. There are various attractions around the estate, such as the Dangote refinery, the Lekki seaport, and much more.

This estate has different types of houses ranging from 2 bedroom to 6 bedroom flats. Renting a house here costs between 2 million naira to 5 million naira. On the other hand, buying a house is much more expensive as they go for around 50 to 30 million naira.

6. VGC Estate

Vgc estate in Lekki

Victoria gardens estates are one of the most famous estates in the city of lekki. This estate was built in the 90s and is still being further developed. It is an extensive estate covering over 200 hectares of land. Vgc estate has two parts: the commercial center and the residential area. 

There is a gated entrance and exit to this estate, with visitors needing a visitor’s pass before being welcomed. Apart from the visitor’s access, visitors will also require a confirmation call from the house owner before they are allowed to proceed.

Although VGC is a relatively secure estate, you must know that there have been occasional cases of foiled robbery in this estate. There is also the problem of bad drainage and flooding in some areas of this estate. Renting a house in this place goes as high as 5 million naira, while buying a house ranges between 70 to 300 million. 

7. Carlton Gate Estate

carlton gate estate

Carlton estate s one estate you will fall in love with. There are many beautiful things about this estate, ranging from an excellent ambiance to a tranquil environment and a lot more. There is also a public playground, a pharmacy, and a supermarket, all within the estate.

This estate is located at chevron drive and was developed by the Ojumu chieftaincy family and Magabound limited. You will find trees and flowers everywhere in this estate. You must also know that there are strict rules to abide by in this estate. There is no bad review on this estate, as everything seems perfectly put in place. The only problem you might have with this estate is the ever-increasing value in price.

You can rent a house in this estate for 4 to 10 million naira depending on the type of house. If you want to buy a house instead, you should budget between 55 to 200 million naira. The service fee in the estate costs around #200,000 annually.

8. Goshen Beach Estate

Goshen estate lekki

Goshen beach estate is a top estate located in the Elegushi area of lekki. It is a highly secure estate that was developed by grant property limited. This estate is home to a lot of high-income earners in Lagos.

This estate has different types of houses ranging from 3-bedroom to 5-bedroom apartments with large compounds. There is also a waste management system and proper security. You will have nothing to worry about when it comes to your cars as the road network of this estate is adequately laid out.

Although the road network within the estate is appropriately laid out, you might have several problems with the road outside the estate as it can occasionally be flooded. It is challenging to see a house for rent in this estate. Also, buying a house is tricky as you can only get one through the secondary market. Houses in this estate go as high as 100 to 300 million naira.

What Estate Is the Best in Lekki?

Lekki is home to many estates offering luxury homes with the best comfort and environment. Many estates in this town are rated as the best in Nigeria.

One of the best estates in lekki is the south pointe estate. This is why the houses there are relatively expensive compared to other estates in Lagos. There are also other estates, such as pinnock beach and chevy view.

Where Do Billionaires Hang Out in Lagos?

There are a lot of places where billionaires hang out in Lagos. These places also host wealthy foreign nationals and different top politicians. One such place is banana Island. You will see a lot of billionaires and leading artists in this place.

If you do not want to go to the banana island, you will see billionaires in other places like club quilox, the shopping mall, and other big churches such as global harvest.


There are a lot of expensive estates with different amenities. We have discussed a list of the costly estates you should reside in, Lekki.

We have also discussed other important things such as the cost of houses in those estates and much more. Read through to get all the details you need. 

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