10 List of Safe Places to Live in Lagos In 2022

Everyone dreams of owning an apartment in Lagos as it is not just considered a megacity; it is considered the economic capital of the country where different economic opportunities and a beautiful mix of sociocultural ideas make this state completely different from other states you know are abundant.

You might have heard Lagos being called the city where dreams come true. This is because of the opportunities that abound there. However, Lagos isn’t all perfect and rosy as this megacity has some downsides.

10 List of Safe Places to Live in Lagos In 2022

If you’d like to live in Lagos and you’re looking to avoid getting accommodation in the wrong part of Lagos, we got you covered.  Below is a list of 10 safe places to live in Lagos in 2022. Follow us as we delve right in.

1. Ikoyi

This is one of the safest and most affordable places you should consider when considering accommodation in a relatively safe place in Lagos. With its high level of development and infrastructure, this place isn’t just a good place for you to do business; it is also a good place for you to reside, as there is 24/7 security to safeguard the infrastructure and prevent any possible crime from taking place.

It boasts of luxury infrastructures such as luxury and five-star hotels and high-end eateries that offer local and international treats, museums, and many more. There is also a mix of people from different parts of the world.

If you are looking for a safe place in Lagos in 2022, Ikoyi should be at the top of your list.  Ikoyi is located in Eti-Osa local government, and you can rent a house there for as low as a million naira to as high as #50,000,000 per annum.

2. Yaba

Yaba is another place that should come to your mind if you are looking for safe places in Lagos to stay in 2022. It is located in the Lagos mainland local government area, and you’ll find development areas such as Akoka, Sabo, Ebute-meta, etc.

It is a fine blend of residential areas with startup tech companies and nightclubs, making the whole space youthful and lively throughout the day and into the night. It is considered one of the cities that never sleep in Lagos. If a safe area with youthful residents is what you seek, Yaba should be among the cities you should consider.

Houses in Yaba are relatively cheap compared to other houses in Lagos. You can buy a two-bedroom flat for as low as #25,000,000, which is a good price in a place like Lagos.

3. Victoria Island [VI]

This is not just one of Lagos’s most popular and developed cities. It is also considered as one of the most developed cities in Africa. This island is located in Eti-Osa local government in Lagos, and it is mainly surrounded by water.

With its stylish nightclubs, posh hotels, exquisite restaurants, and multinational boutiques, there is little wonder this place is considered one of the safest and most elegant places in Lagos. If you decide to reside in VI, you will get to meet a lot of celebrities, as most celebrities love this particular city in Lagos. This is why it is considered as the home of entertainment in Lagos.

You can get a house in VI for as low as #200,000,000, depending on the agent and the worth of the property. Get a house in VI today and enjoy the best of exquisiteness.

4. Ikeja

This is another safe place you can reside in Lagos. It is considered the capital of Lagos state and boasts a land area of over 40km².  If you are looking for a planned, clean, and quiet residential and commercial area with shopping malls, pharmacies, and government reservation areas, Ikeja is a good place to consider.

You’ll find various points of interest, such as the Freedom park museum, National museum, and National Theater, all situated in Ikeja. You’ll also find the National institute of research and the Lagos state broadcasting service headquarters all in this city.

There is never a dull moment in Ikeja as it is a city that is always alive day and night. Buying a house in Ikeja is no big deal. You can get one for as low as #70,000,000 or rent one as low as #5,000,000 per annum. Ikeja is one safe place in Lagos you can reside.

5. Surulere

Do not think for a moment that Surulere is a rough place to stay because of the insecurity issues it had in the past. Surulere is currently one of the safest places in Lagos you can stay in 2022, which is why it made it to this list.

It is one of the most popular places in Lagos, and this city has been mentioned in many songs by different artists. It is located on Lagos mainland and is also the major city that connects the mainland to the island.

You will find buildings such as the ten strings music institute and lots more. There is 24-hour security on the ground to cover for any possible insecurity issue that might occur. You can buy houses in Surulere for as low as #70,000,000. Surulere is a lively city that you can consider if you are looking for a safe place to stay in Lagos.

6. Lekki

This is arguably one of the most developed cities in the world and is home to many international and local celebrities ranging from music to sports and lots more. It’s also home to the political elites in Lagos and beyond, which explains why it also had to make this list. There is no argument about the safety of Lekki.

We can say Lekki is the safest place you can stay in Lagos.  It is located around Epe, Eti-Osa, and Ijebu-lekki. You’ll find various points of interest, such as the Lekki conservation center, Nike art center, Eleko beach, and lots more.

You’ll also find the Lagos business school there. Lekki is the most developed city in Nigeria, and you’ll find new development projects there to improve its already perfect state. You can buy a house in Lekki for around #200,000,000 or rent a house there for around #50,000,000 per annum.

7. Banana Island

Banana Island is a popular island in the city of Lagos. You’d have heard the name in some songs from various Nigerian artists in Africa. This island is a reference point for security and luxury in Lagos state. Banana Island boasts many things.

Firstly, it is located around Eti-Osa local government as an artificial island off the foreshore of Ikoyi. This island boasts a beautiful and well-planned structure, a state-of-the-art commercial building, and well-built residential areas that make it compete with other top cities in Lagos state.

Also, Banana island is a densely populated area with 24/7 security.   It is also home to various local and international celebrities, and houses here range from #300,000,000 and above. Banana Island is one of the safest places you can stay in Lagos this 2022.

8. Festac Town

There are a lot of beautiful things about this city you might find out if you choose to live in Festac town. It has a rich history well blended in culture and race. Festac town is a housing estate located around the Lagos Badagry expressway. Its history traces back to 1977, when it was built as an initiative of the federal government of Nigeria.

Festac boasts of a lot of things. It is the largest city or housing estate in terms of population, with well over twenty million people living there. There is a slight pressure on social amenities and infrastructure. You’ll find people of different races, colors, and tribes in Festac town, as it is a reference point for diversity in unity.

Since it’s a federal government housing estate, security is always on standby. This is why it is included in the list of safe places you can stay in Lagos this 2022.

9. Apapa

Apapa is another popular city in Lagos which is also relatively safe compared to some places in Lagos. It is a local government area located on the west of Lagos Island. There are a lot of developments within and around Apapa that you might find enticing.

It contains many ports and terminals mainly operated by the Nigerian port authority. Apapa might not be as developed as Victoria Island or Lekki, but it is just as secure as those cities. You’ll also meet a lot of working-class residents as Apapa is considered a normal safe terrain where everyone goes about their businesses.

You can buy a house in Apapa for as cheap as #35,000,000, which is a very good deal if you are looking for a safe place to reside this 2022.

10. Magodo

Magodo is not one of the popular places that make headlines on the news, but it is a very safe city you can reside if you are looking for a place for yourself in Lagos in 2022. It is a town in the Kosofe local government on the Lagos to Ibadan expressway.

You’ll notice the presence of petty traders, different businesses, and much more. In summary, it is largely characterized by commercial activities and majorly occupied by Lagos’s working class and elites.

One of those things that makes this area stand out is that there are always policemen on standby, ready to control any situation that may threaten the lives, security, and businesses of people in this area. Magodo is definitely among the best places you can stay in Lagos if you are looking for a very affordable and safe place. You can buy a house here for as low as #70,000,000.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

When it comes to housing in Lagos, you might be a little confused as there are a lot of things that should come into play before you make a decision on where you should stay. There are some questions you might need to ask.  Below are some frequently asked questions you might find useful.

Where are The Most Beautiful Areas in Lagos?

There are a lot of beautiful areas you can visit in Lagos. It all depends on your time, budget, how far you can go, and your point of interest. You can visit Lagos’s Nike art museum and other art galleries if you love art.

You can also visit the beach if you love nature and landscapes.  Other fun places you can visit include Epe resorts and spas, Lekki conservation center, Terra Kulture, Epe mangroves, etc.

Where are the Cheapest Places to Live in Lagos?

If you are looking to move to Lagos and don’t have a big pocket, you might have to look for cool and affordable places you can stay until you are stable financially to move to a much better place.

You can check out places like Ogba, Ikorodu, Mushin, Badagry, Paja, Ketu, etc. All these places are relatively cheap, and you can get a place for yourself without putting a strain on your pocket.


Lagos is the state where dreams come true. It is the hub with many financial opportunities were foreigners and natives would like to stay.

If you are a native or a foreigner looking for a relatively safe place to stay in Lagos this 2022, go through the list above and try one of the suggested places. Enjoy security and comfort at little to no cost.

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